You’re Engaged!

Congratulations! You said yes, you called your family and all your friends, and now you’ve booked your engagement photography session with Destiny’s Creations. What’s next? Well, one of the most frequent questions we always get asked by our clients is what to wear for their engagement session. Therefore, we have put together a guide to assist you in planning awesome outfits for your session. Dive in and review a couple of tips to help make your perfect outfit.

Complement Each Other, But Don't Match

The first tip I love to give my clients is to coordinate with each other. You do not want one person in formal wear and the other in casual attire. Both are great options, but may look a little off together. This does not mean you have to have matching outfits, but instead means to choose a color palette that compliments you both in a similar style. For instance, if one of you is wearing beige or brown, the other person may want to wear a cream, blush, or coral. Let’s say you love dark green or grey, your partner could wear a lavender or light blue. Pops of color always makes your attire fun. If you are doing more than one outfit, you could consider a classy date night look, formal attire, or even your favorite sports team. This gives you a variety of different photos to work with.

Dress for the Season & Comfort

Comfort, location, and weather are all important things to keep in mind when planning your outfit. You do not want to wear an outfit that makes you feel uncomfortable. It will show in photographs. Think about what theme you are going for while picking outfits. This helps you to determine the direction you may want to go with. Also make sure to bring travel shoes if you are not use to wearing heels. This will help when walking various places.

Incorporate Touches of Who You Are

One of my favorite things I love is when couples incorporate special touches of themselves into their sessions. It may be that you are blending two cultures together, love having your pet in shots, or even a sentimental family heirloom. The biggest thing is to find something that screams you.

Show Off Your Style – Accessorize!

I love when clients include fabrics with textures such as lace, fur, or leather into their outfits. Having accessories such as vests, scares, and jewelry also helps to bring a look together. It’s your chance to make your outfit your own and show your personality. Be you by all means!